Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ok I Know I Know--Ya'll Can Stop Yelling At ME!

Sorry I know it's been a very long time since I posted a blog--in all honesty I really haven't been on the computer much--that could be because the screen on my lap top got this funky green line in it and became very annoying--but now I have a new lap top so things should be picking up here on line for me. Of course I haven't been doing much of anything--at least no knitting. I have managed to get an adult hat and baby hat done and a couple dishcloths started. I have been feeling real ADHD knitting I just can't seem to focus. Maybe I just got a little burned out between Christmas and babies.
I have been working on many other crafts for my on line shop. Been trying different types of stitching and painting techniques. I have been really enjoying doing new things.
Jeff has been in DC since Monday, he should be back in town later this evening. I do enjoy my time alone but I am ready for him to come home. He will be making these trips about once a month ands he really wants me to go up with him. So who knows maybe next month I will take a little road trip. Maybe a little change of scenery will help this funk I seem to be in.
Winter has really gotten to me this year--I can't believe I am from New York and i now freeze when the temp falls below 50! I really feel like I have been cooped up forever! Spring is around the corner but it's not popping soon enough for me.
Everyone here is fine--OK well Miki has the flu and feels like crap--but other then that all is well. Jeff just called and he is heading to the Metro and will be getting on the road in about 45 mins. so i guess i better go and figure out what to feed him for supper--think i will be hot dogs and mac&cheese. If I figure it right he should be rolling in around 7:00ish depending on traffic and weather. So I have plenty of time to sit and look at the new Mercantile Gatherings i got in the mail today and drink a cup of hot coffee.
I really do promise to post more soon--OK I hope to post more soon. Hope everyone is doing well. Dana I love the pics you just posted!! Way to cute!!
Hugs and Blessings to all

Monday, January 28, 2008


Ok sorry I haven't blogged in awhile but I really have been busy. Don't ask me what I've been busy with because I really have no idea!!! Time just seems to get away from me these days. Here is a brief update on our lives--

Jeff and I have been spending lots of time in the barn between projects and actually finishing the workshop..of course it will never really be finished. Just another wip!!!

We went out for karaoke on Saturday night with Miki and Sean and had a great time with them. It's been awhile since we did that.

Yesterday Jeff and I went down to Nags Head--about 2 hours from here--with friends of ours. They wanted us to look at a beach house they are buying! Jeff has done lots of "handi-man" work for them so they wanted his opinion of the place and they also thought maybe I could help with some decorating ideas. The house is great!!! Really all it needs is some cosmetic stuff done and some updating--it's about 27 years old. So it looks like Jeff and I will be taking a few trips down with them on the weekends to do some work! We are really happy for them and excited for us since we get to go and spend some time at the ocean!!

So in case you hadn't noticed there isn't any knitting in this blog--AGAIN! I did start a hat yesterday in the car and I am going to work on Miki's scarf as soon as I finish this post. I have been indirectly working on knitting--I finally go my Ravelry invite!!! You all can look for me I am Primknitter.

Well I guess the other news is I have decided to open an on-line shop to see if maybe I can sell some of our craft stuff. Wood, stitchery and lighting things that we are doing. I also my go up to our one and only shop in this area and see about putting some things in there. Wish me luck!!

I am off to work on Miki's scarf so I will talk to you all later on.

Hope you all are doing well

Blessings and Hugs


Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend Update

Well it seems it was a knitting free weekend! That's really OK because I got to spend some quality time with some of my girls and Jeff. Saturday started out in the barn with Jeff cleaning and picking up to get ready to make a few wood items for some friends--of course nothing ever goes according to plans. One of our girls was having a rough day so we told her to get her butt to our house and spend some time around people that love her. Right before she got here Miki and Sean stopped in, they had been out running errands, then Heather got here so we all talked her through a rough patch and had some lunch. Then we all ended up in the barn just chatting, laughing and having a great time. We decided to go to the movies and after much discussion we picked National Treasure 2. Miki, Sean and Heather had already seen it but they were willing to see it again. The movie was GREAT I highly recommend it. We came back to the house and 2 of our other girls came over, Lisa and Ashley, and we all did a little porch talking and ordered pizza at around 11:00 PM!! I think it was around 1:00 in the morning by the time they all left. I think it was a bit much for poor Jeff and Sean with us girls yakking it up!

Sunday Jeff and I spent alone and got some projects done in the barn. We had a couple people comment on our napkin press on our kitchen table. They had asked where we got it and when we said we had made it they were a little disappointed they couldn't buy one. Soooo...we whipped up a few yesterday. We made 4 of them and 2 are already spoken for. We finally finished up in the barn around 10:00 last night. I love spending time with Jeff like that it's so much fun to work with him on projects.

Jeff leaves for DC this afternoon for a couple days so my plan is to get some organizing done and then just sit and KNIT!!!!

I received and e-mail from Auntie Linda and I guess we pushed her just enough and she is working on a cable pattern now!! GO AUNTIE!!! Guess this means I have to think about learning socks!!

I better get running and finish getting Jeff's packing done for his little trip. I will talk to you all soon.

Blessings and Hugs to all


Friday, January 11, 2008

On the Needles today

Thought I would post a little before I headed out to get gas in my car and pick up some groceries at Kroger. This is the scarf I am working on for Miki. I showed it to her the other day and she loves it. It's the cable pattern from Lion Brand but of course I have to change the yarn and needle size. I am using Moda-Dea Tweedle Dee in Blackberry on size 11 needles. It really is working up great and it's sooooo soft! I love this yarn. I made 4 pairs of slippers using double strand of this yarn and everyone loved them--the colors are so pretty--shaded effects. See how pretty it is Auntie? It really isn't that hard to do a cable! I really would like to have this finished by the end of the weekend since it's supposed to get cold again here--of course it's almost 70 today!! Well I guess I should head out and get my running around done. Not sure what the rest of the day will bring other then hopefully working on the scarf and maybe casting on a hat for one of my girls. Hope everyone is having a great day.

Hugs and Blessings to all


Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well I thought it was time to start a new blog spot for a new year. This will be primarily knitting but there may be times I throw in some of my other crafts or thoughts.

My name is Donna and I live in VA with my hubby Jeff and 2 cats, a rabbit, chinchilla, snake and fish and many wild critters in our back yard that I love to watch and feed. We have one daughter, Michele, but we call her Miki--thanks to Auntie Linda. Miki is engaged to Sean--they have been together for 5 years and are getting married on November 8 of this year!! They have their own place not far from us. Since they have been together we have "adopted" all their friends so they ALL call us Mom and Dad. I think we are up to about 24 "kids" and now 2 of them have babies so we are Grammy and Grumpy Grandpa to them! They all keep me busy especially with my knitting.

I love to knit--I have been knitting off and on since I was a child. I stopped for many years, maybe doing an occasional Granny's Fav dishcloth but thanks again to my Auntie Linda I started up again a few years ago. I love doing quick projects but have plans for a few bigger things this year. I have never done socks but...plan on trying soon. I also like to cross stitch, prim stitchery and woodworking my Jeff. Most if not all of our work is primitive and we have talked about maybe selling some of our items but not sure. I also spend a lot of time on my lap top. I have a Myspace account where I keep in touch with all our kids or should i say keep an eye on them! It is set to private so if you want to add me you will have to message me.

Christmas Knitting for 2007--I really thought I started early enough but of course I didn't I was knitting right up to when the kids were all coming for their Christmas! I really needed some of Santa's elves to help me out. I did manage to make 2 baby hats, 3 scarves--one with my first cable!!, 4 adult hats and 5 pairs of slippers--3 for my girls and 2 for my guys! I was really surprised that my boys--who are all in their early to mid 20's, loved the slippers!!! I think the ones that I made hats for and didn't make slippers for really wanted them! I do need to finish up a hat for one of the boys that couldn't make it for Christmas and I am working on a cable scarf for Miki.

Knitting Goals for 2008--I WILL learn to make socks!! I would like to make a lacy shawl for Miki for her wedding and of course the usual--to use up my stash. I also would like to join some kind of knitting group but to be honest there really isn't a whole lot in my area who knows maybe I will start my own group! Ya right!!!

Well that's it for now--i need to get my butt in gear--Miki is picking me up at around 10:30, she is getting her hair cut and needs some moral support--I should go and start a dishcloth to take with me! No I really do need to work on that hat!!

Blessings to all